Miriam has a background in both business administration and finance, before kernicterus rocked her world.  She holds her BA in Business Administration and Mass Communication from the University of Florida.

When the board re-organized in 2010, Miriam joined our board and has been often behind the scenes ever since in both official and unofficial capacities.

When she’s not battling insurance for her son’s needs, attending IEP meetings, chasing her 2 little girls, writing on her personal blog – a rearranged life (writing is “her free therapy”), and supporting our PICK families…

she’s serving as our Vice President and jack of all trades (strategic planning, social media, marketing, family support, website, writing for PICK, speaking, etc).

(All board positions are volunteer.)

The “K word” came into her vocabulary when her son suffered a bilirubin of 45.6 after she had been told over a dozen times by both doctors and nurses not to worry. He lives with severe kernicterus and a killer smile.  You can read the full story here.

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  2. Miriam, I am writing the story of someone I met whose son also has kernicterus, and I wanted to quote your “Tornado” posting. May I have your permission to do that? I want to credit the website and you in the notes, of course, and so if you would like me to use your last name, cite the website, etc., I would be pleased and honored to do that. Please let me know.

    By the way, I found your website through a Wikipedia article on kernicterus, but the citation for the website is not quite correct. You may want to track that back and edit it. This is a great website and I’m glad I found you.

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